Our Story

Our commitment is to support law firms across the globe build better businesses. Lawyers are stewards of justice and the glue that keeps our society together. A major roadblock for lawyers is the seemingly endless administrative overhead that comes with operating a sustainable business.

This means that talented legal professionals are spending more of their time in administrative tasks instead of practicing law and providing great client experiences. An incredible amount of expensive time is spent on repetitive and cumbersome processes that should be fast and easy. Thanks to industry-leading tools like Clio, this is becoming less of an issue. However, there are still an abundance of inefficiencies not captured by practice management solutions on their own.

That's why we started LegalMate. We create bespoke productivity solutions for law firms that use Clio's practice management software.

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Ali Zahid

Ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur and community builder.

Anson MacKeracher

CTO & Founder

Programming for 20 years, takes care of cats.

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