Offer payment plans to clients
and get paid upfront

LegalMate enables you to offer low cost legal fee financing to your clients.
No chasing, no hidden fees, and no surprises.

Join the growing list of law firms improving access to justice

No risks. Just benefits.

Collect fees upfront
No more worrying about getting paid when offering payment plans. Funds are deposited to your trust account following IOLTA and ABA guidelines.
Grow client base
Expand your reach to new clients by offering a risk-free version of payment plans that gives them more options to choose from.
No more chasing
Once you receive your fees, the collection is entirely managed and owned by LegalMate. That way, you can focus on what you do best.
Client-centric payments
Give your clients a better experience by simplifying their payment process. Happier clients lead to more referrals.

Win-win for you and your clients.

Affordable payments
Our aim is to ensure the people who need your services the most can access it without barriers.  That’s why we offer a low interest rate to your clients.
No surprises
Clients are never charged beyond what they agree to. We don’t charge late fees and we won’t penalize anyone for paying early.
No impact on credit
The application process will not affect your client’s credit score at all. We do what is called a “soft credit check” to aid decision-making in the offers we provide.
Fast and easy process
The entire process from application to offer can happen in one business day. This means you can start working on the case right away.

Be more inclusive.

Everyone should have access to legal services. With LegalMate you’ll be able to help improve access to justice by offering your services to more people.

"Working with the team at LegalMate has been a very smooth process. There can oftentimes be big financial decisions to make for clients in the immigration industry, but most firms don't have the tools to offer flexible payment plans. LegalMate made it very easy to give better options to our clients to create an everyone-wins scenario - I would highly recommend working with LegalMate!"

Josh Schachnow, Mirbaha Schachnow LLP

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