From Clio Manage to ChatGPT, efficiently automate your client communication

Simplify client communication through our ChatGPT integration with Clio Mange that automatically summarizes your Tasks completed in Clio and outputs an email drafted directly in your inbox, ready for you to hit send.
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ChatGPT and Clio Manage integration
Client task summary and communications with ChatGPT

Integration Details

Remove the manual, but important task of providing a summary of activities completed to date for your client with our ChatGPT integration. Once you've completed tasks within Clio Manage, ChatGPT will automatically generate a drafted email that summarizes your progress on this case to date. All you have to do is hit send.
Trigger - when this happens
When activities are completed on a case inside Clio Manage
Filter - automatically filter
ChatGPT summarizes all tasks completed to date
action - then do this
Summary automatically created in your drafts within your inbox
LegalMate’s automation has been essential in reducing the amount of time and effort it takes us to complete a case
As a Certified Clio Partner, we've designed automations that connect directly to Clio that you can trust.
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LegalMate integrates with any legal and general business software you use for your firm including Office 365, Outlook, Clio Manage,Clio Grow, Gmail, Dropbox, MyCase, Acuity, Dialpad, Lawmatics and more.
Frequently asked questions

You should have questions

How much does this cost?

Our pre-built automation is a monthly fee of $499 USD. No hidden fee's or cost of implementation.

Do I have to set it up myself?

No, you do not. We've designed our pre-built automations to be implemented within your firm seamlessly and effortlessly. Once we set it up together, there should be little to no management required going forward.

How long does it take to set up?

To make sure you have a seamless and easy experience, we'll schedule a 15 minute call to help you set up your automation. After the call, you'll be all set up and we will be available for help if needed!

Do I need my own ChatGPT account?

Yes, you will need to have your own OpenAI API account. We recommend having a GPT-3.5 Turbo account. You can read more about the pricing here:

Is my data private in ChatGPT?

Yes, your data is completely private and secure. When you set up your ChatGPT account, you can opt out of sharing data with OpenAI.

Are there other automations using ChatGPT?

Yes! We have a number of different automations using ChatGPT that eliminate repetitive tasks from your workflow. Reach out to us to learn more!

What happens if there is a problem?

We have a number of checks and balances to ensure your automation will run smoothly. However, in the case that you are needing any type of support, you'll have the CEO's personal phone number you can contact. We really mean that.

What if I want to customize this automation?

Then you're in the right place. Our team builds custom automations for 100's of law firms - reach out and we can design an automation custom to your needs.

Automation is for you if...

You’re overwhelmed with the number of cases you have on the go at any given time.
You’re behind or always worried about sending status updates to your clients.
You’re unsure if your immigration forms are accurate and how to identify the mistakes.
You lose repeat clients when they reach new immigration milestones because you don’t have a great way to track cases
You feel like your cases could be moving faster.
You’re worried about your clients missing future opportunities.
LegalMate’s automation has been essential in reducing the amount of time and effort it takes us to complete a case
“Our firm hired LegalMate to create an essential workflow automation for different immigration fillings, submitted applications and various essential notices. Before the automation, this was all done manually. LegalMate has automated it all!
Karen Jones
KW Law