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No more chasing for payment, we pay your invoice fee immediately to your Trust or Operating account.

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LegalMate is built for legal and ensures you are compliant with the necessary requirements to protect you and your clients.

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You can accept more clients with affordable payment plans and increase referrals thanks to a better client experience.

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After months of chasing down clients to follow through on payment plans, LegalMate was able to streamline the process for me. It’s a win for me and a win for clients! I’m able to get my retainer up front and I can offer clients payment plans without the stress and headaches. LegalMate has been willing to work with me and my clients on small fixed fee services to larger retainers. 

I no longer offer payment plans not through LegalMate because they have been so fantastic and alleviated so much stress. Highly recommend it to any lawyers looking to increase the accessibility of their services!
Erin O’Rourke
Founder at Erin O'Rourke Law